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Happy 29th Birthday Kim Jaejoong

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Leader approves “World Star Super Junior” ;3

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“You told me to forget you. You hoped that I forgot you, right? I’m sorry. I wanted to forget you, but I couldn’t do it.”

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Siwon, the dramatic boyfriend.

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9th anniversary DBSK/TVXQ. 

You were our kings, and the irreplacable holders of the thrones in my hearts, been the pure inspiration of my life for 9 years. Thank you for my childhood, thank you for my teenage years, and thank you for the years to come where your music and your image will still accompany even as a memory. Keeping the faith until the very end. AKTF 2013.

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30 DAYS DBSK EDIT CHALLENGE 1/30: Always Keep The Faith[x] 

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